Exclusive 'Broken City' Clip: Wahlberg Being Wahlberg

As easy as it may be to parody him sometimes—say "hello" to your mother for me—Mark Wahlberg has done something that few of his contemporaries will ever be able to lay claim to. In his own way, Wahlberg has created an on-screen persona both entirely his own and always entertaining.

In this exclusive clip from Wahlberg's upcoming film "Broken City," that character is on full display, and you have to admit it. It works.

"Broken City" casts Wahlberg as Billy Taggart, a decorated ex-cop who finds himself on a dangerous new assignment—following the major's wife.

Wahlberg, who has come to blows with a host of powerful on-screen opponents, may face his toughest challenge yet with "Broken City"'s mayor of New York City, played by Russell Crowe.

"Broken City" opens on January 18.