'Muppets' Sequel Just Got A Lot Funnier


By Hannah Soo Park

The Muppets may finally be getting their female cohort in Tina Fey!

The former "SNL" star is reportedly looking to round out the human cast that will appear alongside our favorite puppets in Disney's "The Muppets" sequel.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter> that Fey is this close to finalizing her appearance as the third human star in the film, which /Film claims is now going by the title "The Muppets…again." The other two spots currently belong to Ricky Gervais and Ty Burrell, who is said to have replaced Christoph Waltz.

Plot details are still little to none, but THR's tipsters say that if a deal is "finalized," then Fey could end up playing a Russian gulag prison guard. (Could this be the same "femme fatale" role that was previously brought to light in earlier casting news?) We do know that Burrell is playing an Interpol agent, so this leaves us to guess that the movie will be an international crime caper of some sorts.

While original lead Jason Segel won't be back for seconds, James Bobin will return to direct the movie, which will start shooting in London this year.

In the meantime, Fey fans can catch the "30 Rock" actress and Amy Poehler as hosts for the Golden Globes this weekend.