Razzies Got It Wrong: In Defense Of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2'


Before we say anything else, there's something that must be said. Yes, we are MTV, the same MTV that, for the past five years, has heaped Golden Popcorn onto "The Twilight Saga," an otherwise award-less franchise. (Hey, sorry for giving our audience what they want, right?) We've been a home for wayward Twi-hards from the very beginning, but before you dismiss what we have to say, hear us out.

"Breaking Dawn - Part 2" simply did not deserve the public shaming at the hands of the Razzies, who officially announced their Worst Achievement in Film nominees today.

The anti-Academy Awards, which traditionally announce their nominees a day before their unironic counterpart, unleashed 11 nominations for Golden Raspberries onto the fifth "Twilight" film, despite there only being ten categories. The closest contender, "That's My Boy," only managed to fail to the tune of eight nominations.

Hardy har har. The "Twilight" movies aren't great cinema. Hardy har har. What we have here is a classic case of auto-nominating, the kind of thoughtless, obligatory honoring that the Academy Awards have recently fallen prey to. (We're looking at you, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.") A movie snags nominations just because it feels like it should, despite the objective facts that point to the contrary.

The final "Twilight" movie is not nearly as bad as the cynical majority would assume.

Any award show, even one that highlights the worst of film, should approach the field of contenders with objectivity and an eye for honoring the best (or worst) contender regardless of public standing or politics. What's so shocking about the "Twilight" nominations is that the same principles that led to its many nods should have also qualified "John Carter," an equally easy film to lampoon that doesn't actually live up its disgraceful public image, which receive no nominations. So why the assault on vampires? "Breaking Dawn" swept for the same reason "The Return of the King" won in every category at the 2004 Oscars. It's awards-giving with an agenda.

My suggestion for the Razzies committee is to actually sit down and watch "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Actually watch it. Think about how you're feeling throughout. Do you ever laugh? Are you ever bored? Isn't it cool when Dakota Fanning gets her head ripped off? Because even though it might drag in parts and make absolutely no sense in others, there is no way "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is one of the worst movies of the year and should be considered so alongside "The Oogieloves."

Here's a question, Razzies people: Did you actually see "Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection"? If you had, you would have seen an unholy mess, unfit for human consumption. In no way, Perry's mind-numbing direction even compares to the otherwise masterful helming by Academy Award winner Bill Condon. There is more skill in the filming of the epicly fake final battle than in any of Perry's filmed plays combined.

So, go ahead. Say it. "You're only saying this stuff because you're MTV." Good, got it out of your system?

Yes, we're MTV, and we cater to an audience that loves them some vampires. But we also try to approach every movie with an open mind, ready to be entertained, something we'd hope for from an awards show, even the Razzies.

Because when all is said and done, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Bella tackling a cougar.