So What's Up With Ryan Gosling's 'Gangster Squad' Voice?

We've come to know Ryan Gosling as a pretty soft-spoken leading man, cut from the same cloth as Brando before him, but there's something funny in the trailers for his latest film, "Gangster Squad." His character, Sgt. Jerry Wooters, seduces Emma Stone's Grace Faraday with an almost cartoonish falsetto. What gives?

MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with the cast to find out what the Gos was going for with his higher register.

Stone was tickled by the choice and defended it bravely. "It makes me so happy," she said. "I loved it. It makes me so happy when anybody makes a weird choice. And it's not weird—it's great. You just wouldn't expect it."

Josh Brolin has encountered that kind of acting choice in the past has seems to have conflicted feelings about affected voices. "I've experienced that with so many actors, especially actors who haven't been around for a long time. You see them try on different things. I've done that, too," Brolin said. "You do a voice like that, you know, it's either going to work or it's really not going to work, in a big way. I have respect for people with the balls to put it out there. But it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work."

"Gangster Squad" opens on Friday, January 11.