'Last Exorcism II' Trailer: Prepare To Meet Evil... Again

Last Exorcism

When you call a movie the "last" or the "final" of something, you'd expect there to be nothing after it, yet we live in a world with 20 "Final Fantasy" games. (This frightening trend was hilariously brought to light by Vulture yesterday.) Well, you can now add "The Last Exorcism: Part II" to the list.

The shockingly limber Ashley Bell is back once again to get possessed by a demon for the final time. Gone is the documentary film footage, replaced by good old-fashioned movie cameras, and this time, Nell Sweetzer, Bell's character from the first film, is hiding out in New Orleans—a city with no connection to the supernatural—to hopefully escape her past.

Find out how that's working out for her after the jump!

(via Yahoo! Movies)

Yeah, not great.

"The Last Exorcist: Part II: Serious This Time" opens in theaters on March 1.

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