All Of James Bonds' Travels In One Map

James Bond

Alongside side drinking a ton and killing men and sleeping with women in equal proportions, traveling the world is one characteristic essential to the James Bond mythos. From his starts during the airline boom of the 1960s, world travel and 007 have gone hand-in-hand, and over the course of 50 years, Bond must have racked up some serious frequent flier miles.

Thanks to a fascinating infographic from Empire we have an easy-to-read overview at all of Bond's travels over 23 films.

In all, Bond has traveled to 146 locations, including that one trip to space that we try to forget about. Roger Moore visited the most locales as 007, totaling 49 different destinations. Daniel Craig is doing pretty well for himself, covering 23 different spots in only three films.

Head over to Empire to see the entire package and get ready to lose a lot of your day.