What The Hell Is Happening With 'Godzilla'?


Filming in March? Producers fired? Darabont? JGL? WTF?

To put it briefly, there's a lot going on right now with the King of the Monster's reboot. So much so, that to properly get you up to speed, we're going to have to break it down piece-by-piece to make sure we understand it all.

A Start Date And Producer Fight

The saga began last night, innocently enough, over at HitFix, where Drew McWeeny posted a general update on the production. "Monsters" director Gareth Edwards finally got the go-ahead for his previously talked about March start date, but there was one small change. Producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee, the team that initially brought the Godzilla rights to Legendary Pictures, were leaving the production. It didn't seem like much of an update, considering that Lin and Lee were both major producers at Warner Bros. and have a lot in the works. No big deal, right?


Darabont's Rewrite

But as they are wont to do, Deadline had to enter the fray with their own update. It seems that Lin and Lee's exit was not as good-natured as the original report spun it, and Deadline posited that this one was going to head to court before long. There was a lot of talk about producers fees and pay-or-play clauses, but the big update out of the Deadline report was the hiring of Frank Darabont for a final rewrite.

Joseph Gordon-Levit FTL (For The Lead)?

In their write-up of the Lin-Lee news, The Hollywood Reporter indicated that offers were out to "several top actor" including one Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Naturally, Variety couldn't let THR get away with that, so Justin Kroll then listed Henry Cavill, Scott McNairy, and Caleb Landry Jones as others being considered. Borys Kit at THR quickly countered, clarifying that JGL passed on "Godzilla."

Phew. I think that's it.

"Godzilla" is scheduled to destroy a city near you on May 16, 2014.