Emma Stone And Ryan Gosling Goof Around In 'Gangster Squad' Featurette

Anyone who saw the under-appreciated "Crazy Stupid Love" can atttest to the power that is the on-screen duo of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. While we would never go as outrageously far as to suggest that they start dating (respect to Andy Garf), their on-screen chemistry does make a good case in favor of them starring in every movie together.

Gosling and Stone's latest collaboration, this month's "Gangster Squad," once again casts the two as lovers, so you'll be able to swoon of the hypothetical pairing for another two hours or so.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette from the upcoming movie, Stone and Gosling discuss working together again and the silliness that goes down when they're around each other.

"Gangster Squad" opens on Friday, January 11.