Emma Stone And Seth MacFarlane Wake Up Early For Oscar Nomination Announce

Seth MacFarlane

By Hannah Soo Park

Does the idea of having little comedy laced into the 2013 Oscar nominations announcement sound completely ridiculous?

Well, we're certainly not going to rule out the idea, considering that Seth MacFarlane took to his Twitter to announce that in addition to hosting the actual show, he'll also be the one to read off the list of nominees come Thursday morning. But get this—he's getting a little help from "Gangster Squad" actress Emma Stone: "I'll be announcing the Oscar nominees on Jan. 10 at 5 a.m. [PT] with Emma Stone. We'll also be revealing the name of Kanye & Kim's baby (Zeus)."

So Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone. Now do you understand where we're coming from?

MacFarlane's involvement is definitely an unexpected one, as nominations are typically read by the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and an actor who's usually a nominee or past Oscar winner (Jennifer Lawrence took the gig last year). The only other instance in which a host was also the one to reveal the nominees was back in 1972, when Charlton Heston did so for the first (and only) time in the Academy's history. But given MacFarlane's comedic presence and Stone's charm—she garnered plenty of laughs at last year's show—it's easy to see why the organization felt compelled to break from tradition. And if we're dreaming big here, how about a MacFarlane-Stone comedy sketch to go along with that list, Academy?

You can catch the announcement of the 85th annual Academy Awards nominations on January 10, beginning at 8 a.m. ET, and of course, the show, when it airs on February 24.