'Only God Forgives' Teaser: Ryan Gosling Prepares You To Meet The Devil

Only God Forgives

We have waited and waited for Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn's follow-up to their too-cool-for-school crime thriller, "Drive," and finally, finally, a short teaser from "Only God Forgives" sees the light of day.

The clip from the Thai-based kickboxing crime movie seems to come from a longer trailer, which we're praying we'll see sometime in the new future, but for now we'll take the teaser and its moody, violent feel that has us reminiscing back to the first time we saw "Drive."

Take a look at the "Only God Forgives" teaser after the jump!

In "Only God Forgives," Ryan Gosling plays the son of a crime lord (Kristin Scott Thomas), who must avenge the death of his brother at the hands of a retired cop known as the Angel of Vengeance.

Yes, we will be seeing this movie.

"Only God Forgives" does not currently have a release date, but all signs are pointing to a bow at Cannes, where Refn won Best Director for "Drive" in 2011.

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