'Warm Bodies' Set Visit: Not Just A Zombie Movie

"Warm Bodies" sounds kind of weird, right? It's a "Twilight"-like paranormal romance, except it's about a zombie? MTV News just had to find out what the latest movie from "50/50" director Jonathan Levine, so Christina Garibaldi headed to the set.

The way star Teresa Palmer describes it, the somewhat silly premise is a way to have your brains and eat them too.

"When you think of zombie movies you think of R-rated, everyone eating brains, blood and gore, craziness like that," she said. "In our film, it's great because we sort of get the best of both worlds and we get to see that typical zombie genre, but then there's also a lot more emotional depth to our film and there's a love story and these zombies they were once real people and they still have the same feelings and thoughts, especially R."

"Warm Bodies" opens on February 1.

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