New 'Star Trek' Photos Tease Danger And 'Darkness'

Star Trek

How about some brand new photos from "Star Trek Into Darkness" to continue to help welcome in 2013? Today Paramount unleashed a collection of 11 new production stills. Not quite as exciting as a full-length trailer of course, but director J.J. Abrams knows what he's doing when it comes to keeping fan expectation as high as possible without actually revealing any plot points.

So without further ado, feast your eyes at the images below and join us in over-analyzing the hidden meanings that may or may not be embedded within the highly-stylized frames. On the whole the common theme in these photos is action and anticipation; either our heroes are in a defensive pose holding guns or communication devices or they're looking at each other with worried expressions, likely thinking about some impending doom involved with their introduction to Benedict Cumberbatch's multi-dimensional villain.

Check out the photos after the jump!

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens on May 17.