'John Dies At The End' Exclusive Clip: Doorway To Crazy Town

Are you going to stand by while some white fuzz from another dimension invades our world and infects every last man, woman and child? If not, then prepare yourself to go through that crazy ghost door in our exclusive clip from "John Dies at the End," written and directed by "Bubba Ho-Tep" madman Don Coscarelli and starring Clancy Brown, Paul Giamatti and others.

In "John Dies at the End," the world is introduced to a time-and-space-defying drug called Soy Sauce that kicks off a silent, otherworldly invasion of mankind. The only two people who can stop the coming apocalypse are John and David, two friends and college dropouts with a lot of spunk but without a clue. Can they team together to save the world? Well, just take a look at the film's title — answer's probably no.

"John Dies at the End" hits theaters on January 25, and is currently available on VOD.