'Raid: Redemption' Director Teases Sequel Details

Gareth Evans has been discussing a sequel to "The Raid: Redemption" for quite some time now. Currently known only by its Indonesian name, "Berandal" will continue the story of the unstoppable badass machine Rama (Iko Uwais) and, as far as we knew before, was supposed to start production sometime this year.

Now via his Twitter feed, Evans has cleared up a few lingering mysteries about filming "Berandal" and when the story will pick up.

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Evans revealed that the sequel would pick up a mere two hours after Rama escapes the criminal-infested high-rise, and from the way Evans described the bigger threat this time around, things sound like they're going to go from bad to worse quickly.

Evans spoke with MTV News all the way back before the US premiere of "The Raid" last year (you can watch the video above) and ran down some general points of "Berandal" without getting too specific. "The sequel is going to be a big departure in a way, in that we won't just copy the same formula as the first film," Evans said.

"It's not going to be set within one building this time. Everything that was terrifying about the boss in that building in the first movie is small fry compared to the criminal organization we meet in the second film. We take it out into the streets, go much wider and much bigger in terms of the scope."

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