UPDATED: 'Arrested Development' New Season To Premiere On May 4


Update: A tweet from Vulture claims that Neflix reps have denied the purported premiere. (Way to ruin New Years Eve, internet.) Stick with MTV Movies Blog as more "Arrested Development" details become available. COME ON!

I think we all collectively just blue ourselves.

If a recent here-one-moment-gone-the-next posting to a Fox publicity site is to be believe, the Bluths and the Fünkes will return on May 4 with 14 new episodes, all set to premiere on Netflix simultaneously.

Oh No They Didn't took a screenshot of the post, which confirmed a larger episode order than the originally planned ten. The listing also offered the titles of the episodes, each named for a single member of the family, with some two-parters (i.e. "GOB" and "GOB 2").

Click past the jump to see the rest of the episodes.

As creator Mitch Hurwitz has described before, the new episodes will follow one character, bringing us up-to-speed with the Bluths since the show's cancellation, with some appearances from other characters from time to time. In theory, this new season will then segue into a feature film.

Check out the full episode list below.

»Michael 1

»Michael 2

»George Sr. 1

»George Sr. 2

»Lindsay 1

»Lindsay 2






»George Michael 1

»George Michael 2

»Gob 2

What are you going to do to prepare for the return of "Arrested Development"? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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