Honorable Mentions of 2012: 'Argo'


You've seen our Top Ten of 2012 list, but now let's take a look back at the movies that just missed the cut. These are our Honorable Mentions of 2012.

What the hell happened to Ben Affleck? The guy goes from being a punch line to being the director Warner Bros. supposedly wanted for their big "Justice League" effort.

You want to know how he did it? He made his movies.

Instead of being just the next actor to try his hand at directing, Affleck took another road. He found the grown-up stories that he wanted to tell and made them in intelligent ways. Every step of the way, with "Gone Baby Gone," "The Town," and now "Argo," Affleck has made his film. They aren't large in scale. There isn't a ton of action or enough humor to fill out a trailer, but they are made for adults, never assuming that the audience is dumb. With "Argo," Affleck to another step forward in refining that formula.

Based on the true story of Americans trapped in a hostile Iran, "Argo" took a chapter of history that was only recently declassified to the public and made it into a fantastic thriller that's actually one part Hollywood satire. So what if the entire airport sequence was embellished for drama? You didn't breathe once during it.

Up next, Affleck may attempt to make Stephen King's epic novel "The Stand" into a film, but here's to hoping that he doesn't forget the type of movies he's been making.

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