MTV Movie Awards Star Rebel Wilson Joins Cinema's Great Rebels


by Ryan Rigley

Whether there's a cause or not, rebels have always held a special place in movie history. Dating almost as far back as cinema itself, the great rebels of movies past are still to this day some of the most memorable characters ever created.

And speaking of rebels, we've announced that the one and only Rebel Wilson will be the star of the MTV Movie Awards on April 14, 2013! The Australian comedian has been taking the nation by storm as of late, with featured roles in hit movies such as "Bridesmaids," "Bachelorette," and most recently as Fat Amy in this year's "Pitch Perfect."

At the rate that she's going, there's no question that Rebel Wilson will soon be joining the ever-expanding list of cinema's greatest rebels — rebels like the ones below!


Jim Stark

Arguably the most widely recognized movie rebel, James Dean effortlessly embodies the infamous onscreen rebellious teenager. Struggling to properly communicate with his parents, Jim Stark eventually gets pulled into both a knife fight and deadly game of "chicken." After all, there are some things that parents just don't understand.


Ferris Bueller

Played by the affable Matthew Broderick, all Ferris Bueller ever wanted was to play hooky. Going to extreme lengths to fake his own illness, Ferris is easily one of the most well-respected movie rebels of all time. It's not easy to make a whole town think that you're dying, yet Ferris makes it look like a walk in the park.


Thelma & Louise

These two troublemakers, played by Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon respectively, were doomed from the moment that they set out in that Ford Thunderbird convertible. On the run from ex-lovers and the law, Thelma and Louise rob convenient stores and kill a handful of wicked men before ultimately killing themselves.


Foxy Brown

Seeking revenge for the murder of her government agent boyfriend, Foxy Brown poses as a prostitute in order to take down a corrupt sex trafficking company from the inside. Pam Grier gives rebelliousness a whole new definition, with acts of vengeance ranging everywhere from cremating to castrating.


Danny Zuko

John Travolta's pivotal greaser role, Danny Zuko is the quintessential bad boy of the Rydell High School of "Grease" fame. One of the leading members of the T-Birds greaser gang, Danny falls for a sweetheart named Sandy which subsequently brings the very nature of his rebelliousness into question.


John Bender

Having your own father put out cigars on your arm will really do a number on a boy's mental health. It's no wonder that John Bender, as played by Judd Nelson in "The Breakfast Club," spends nearly every Saturday in detention. But hey, it sure beats being a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie!


Nick Twisp

Creating an alter ego for himself named Francois Dillinger, Nick Twisp swiftly steals his mother's boyfriend's car and purposefully crashes it into a restaurant. "Youth in Revolt" showcases a side of Michael Cera that we've never seen before, with Francois Dillinger being to Nick Twisp as Tyler Durden is to Edward Norton in "Fight Club."


Veronica Sawyer

Growing tired of a high school clique called the Heathers, Veronica falls in line with the rebellious Jason Dean as the two teenagers systematically murder and humiliate every popular kid in town. Veronica, as played by Winona Ryder, eventually comes to rebel against J.D.'s murderous mayhem leaving her the last rebel standing.



Thomas A. Anderson was just your average, run-of-the-mill computer hacker until he met Morpheus and took that red pill. Now, going by the name of Neo, Keanu Reeves leads the entire human rebellion against the octopus robot overlords of the Matrix, fighting for the good of all humanity.


Johnny Strabler

The original movie rebel, Marlon Brando's leather-clad leader of the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club was and still is the definition of cool. Taking over the small town of Wrightsville, Johnny Strabler and his motorcycling brethren wreak havoc on all of its citizens before accidentally killing an elderly man and getting run out of the country.

Who had the year's hottest kiss? The most bad-ass fight? Which Hollywood star will own the Golden Popcorn this year? Find out at the MTV Movie Awards, starring Rebel Wilson, live on April 14, 2013!