'The Great Gatsby' Trailer: Booze, Parties, And Anachronistic Music


When you read "The Great Gatsby" in high school did you imagine Kanye and Jay-Z playing in the background? Probably not.

But for his new 3-D adaptation, that's exactly what Baz Luhrmann is going for. The highly stylized take on F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel of melancholy in the 20s got a wildly splashy new trailer, loaded with much more dread than the first celebratory teaser.

Take a look at the new trailer after the jump!

Luhrmann's new take on the novel stars his "Romeo + Juliet" star Leonardo DiCaprio as the mysterious resident of West Egg who has more than a few secrets and one serious crush on Daisy, played by Carey Mulligan.

The rest of the cast includes Tobey MacGuire and "Zero Dark Thirty" vets Joel Edgerton and Jason Clarke.

"The Great Gatsby" opens in theaters on May 10, 2013.

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