Mark Wahlberg Takes MTV To 'Broken City' In Exclusive Set Visit

"Broken City" might seem like your typical Mark Wahlberg joint, and it even did when he described it to MTV News' Josh Horowitz during an exclusive set visit.

"I play a former cop in New York, who is being hired by the mayor to investigate his wife, who he thinks is having an affair while he's running for re-election," Wahlberg said. "Then, of course, I start to unveil a lot of corruption, and I've got to take some people down."

But that summary leaves out one big factor: Russell Crowe. The two A-list tough guys are set to get head-to-head when "Broken City" opens in theaters next month.

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"He's obviously one of the greatest living actors, period," Wahlberg said. "This part is so fantastic. I mean, him playing a mayor, it's something you're not going to expect, but you're going to be thrilled when you see it."

Apart from starring in "Broken City," Wahlberg is making the film the next in a string of recent producer's credits. With that list growing, one might wonder when Wahlberg will officially head behind the camera to direct, and he confirmed his intentions during our visit.

"I definitely am," Wahlberg said. "But I want to find the right thing, something unexpected. But, yeah, that's definitely on the to-do list if I'm lucky enough to get the opportunity to do it."

"Broken City" opens on January 8.

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