Holiday 'Django Unchained'-Quentin Tarantino Gift Guide


Wouldn't you know? "Django Unchained" hits theaters on December 25. Considering that fortuitous timing, we thought it wise to suggest some Quentin Tarantino-themed gifts for your holiday season.

This is the "Django Unchained"-Quentin Tarantino gift guide.

The Homework

If you're completely unfamiliar with the spaghetti western genre, this is where you start. These three films, starring Clint Eastwood and directed by Sergio Leone, created the style and remain its most popular examples. (Amazon, $19.99)


The Next Step

Once you have mastered the basics, this is your next logical step. As much as Tarantino owes to Leone, he's giving a lot of the credit for "Django Unchained"'s inspiration to Sergio Corbucci, who directed the original "Django." (Amazon, $16.93)


The Very Beginning

Since the true star of any Tarantino movie is the script, why not look back at the screenplay that made Tarantino into an indie darling? (Amazon, $11.20)

Reservoir Dogs

The Tunes

Once you see "Django Unchained," you'll learn immediately why this is a must own. Tarantino takes such care choosing the music for each film that each soundtrack ends up being like a brilliantly curated mix tape. (Amazon, $9.99)

Django Unchained

The Movies

We've recommended this set enough by now to let you know that this is a serious must own. If you really want to experience Tarantino's filmmaking this holiday season, this is the set to get. (Amazon, $79.96)