‘Star Trek’ Gift Guide: A Trekkie’s Holiday Cheat Sheet

You’re probably aware of this, but there is a new “Star Trek” movie coming out this May. Now, you’re definitely aware of the upcoming holiday season, so if you’re looking to celebrate “Star Trek Into Darkness” the right way, you should probably take advantage of the next few weeks.

This is your guide to taking your holiday season to the final frontier.

The Ears
What is Spock without his ears? It’s like a hobbit without the hair on his feet. If you’re going to be a true Trekkie, we can forgive normal eyebrows for now, but without these on your ears, you’re just a poseur. (Star Trek, $4.99)

The Uniform
Next comes the blue science costume. Since you already have the ears, you might as well go full Spock and get the duds to match. Plus, you’ll die if you wear red. (Star Trek, $40.99)

The Phaser
Now that you look like an official member of the Starship Enterprise, you have to defend yourself like one. Just make sure it’s set to “stun” when you’re opening gifts. (Think Geek, $39.99)

The Tunes
You’ll need this collection of songs sung by the original Spock and Captain Kirk to set the musical mood for you holidays. (Amazon, $13.06)

The Research
If you’re unfamiliar with who Benedict Cumberbatch is or why you should be excited to see him as the villain in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” this should clear things up for you.(Amazon, $25.99)

The Original
But, honestly, this is all you’ll need to know about. (Amazon, $16.93)

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