'The Bourne Legacy' Exclusive Blu-ray Clip Reveals Filming Challenges

"The Bourne Legacy" faced some major challenges beyond just finding a leading actor suitable to fill the shoes emptied by Matt Damon. A good portion of the movie was shot in Alberta, Canada, and MTV News has an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the movie's Blu-ray release that details just how difficult it was for the crew to shoot in those cold weather conditions.

"That location presented a lot of new challenges we'd never had before: The cold and the wind and snow like we had in the higher elevations," producer Frank Marshall explained. "And we had to shoot in the middle of nowhere."

Though the location ended up paying off in the long run, shooting in Alberta was not without its share of challenges. Director Tony Gilroy said that it actually was quite a hassle filming there.

"It was a very difficult location to get into, a very difficult location to prep. A lot of people had to hike in, there was a limited number of people who would fly in. We had a very limited schedule to shoot there, and there was really no room to fail," he said.

The video also shows how the "Bourne Legacy" team built -- and then blew up -- the film's cabin on location. That, more than anything else, was a one-shot scene.

"Canada was challenging in a way I had just not anticipated," Gilroy admitted. "We got out of there in time and we made it. Once we had done that, the company was so exhilarated."

He added, "We really felt like we had some real momentum and that there was nothing that could stop us at that point."

"The Bourne Legacy" is out on Blu-ray and DVD today.

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