James Franco 'Can't Say Goodbye' In New Music Video


As one half of the experimental Motown-inspired band Daddy, James Franco adds another unexpected credit to his ever-growing résumé. Now, if you're unsure of what an "experimental Motown-inspired band" sounds like, we have the third music video from Daddy's latest EP, "Can't Say Goodbye," for your viewing pleasure.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz spoke with Franco in anticipation of the music video's debut to get the scoop on the multifaceted artist's latest project.

"It had a lot of different seeds but I'd been at RISD [Rhode Island School of Design] for a year and I started collaborating with one of my classmates [Timothy O'Keefe] on art videos," Franco said. "And then, like so many people that have gone to art school before us, we started a band for fun. It wasn't ever like we're trying to rise to the top of the charts or anything like that."

Head over to MTV News to read the full interview with James Franco.