'Pain And Gain' Poster: The Wahlberg-Rock Team-Up We Deserve

Pain and Gain

By Hannah Soo Park

Michael Bay's bodybuilding drama "Pain and Gain" has a new poster (via Yahoo! Movies), and it's all stars and stripes and muscles—but mostly muscles, of course.

The brand-new poster features the film's uber-buff stars, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, standing before an American flag backdrop and sporting no-nonsense facial expressions. And to up the intimidation factor, the duo is posing with some seriously heavy-duty lifting equipment.

"Pain and Gain" is a based-on-a-true-story tale that follows a gang of personal trainers, played by Wahlberg and Johnson, immersed in the world of steroids, strippers and cash in the Miami of the 1990s. With a dangerous taste for crime, the group becomes caught in an extortion ring and kidnapping scheme gone wrong.

Pain and Gain

Despite its dark plot points, "Pain and Gain" won't be all crime and violence. Described as a dark comedy, the movie is expected be laced with humor, provided by its leads Wahlberg and Johnson, both of whom have had a string of previous comedic roles. Anthony Mackie, who is missing from the poster, plays the remaining third member of the movie's main trio of bodybuilders.

The film's name and plot are reportedly sourced from the title of a series of 1999 New Times articles.

The movie co-stars Ed Harris, Rob Corddry, Rebel Wilson, Tony Shalhoub and Ken Jeong, and is set to hit theaters on April 26, 2013.