Ty Burrell Heads To Europe In 'The Muppets' Sequel

Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell is replacing the rumored Christoph Waltz as one of the human stars of the currently untitled "The Muppets" sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that a scheduling conflict prevented Waltz from taking a role in the film. Instead, Burrell will play the Interpol inspector character who is said to be one of the key human roles in the planned sequel. Another reported notable character is "a Russian femme fatale."

The upcoming "Muppets" movie heads to Europe after "The Muppets" returned the titular characters to their former glory in Hollywood. THR writes that ther movie will have "a slew of cameos," but that this Burrell role is one along the lines of Jason Segel's or Chris Cooper's in the first movie. It's unclear if Burrell will be playing a villain or an ally, but we're guessing a villain since the Muppets will likely get themselves into plenty of trouble in Europe.

Though Segel and Cooper aren't returning for this new movie, many of the people behind the camera are coming back for a second go. James Bobin will again direct the movie and he and Nicholas Stoller have penned the script. In addition, Oscar-winner Bret McKenzie is confirmed to score the sequel as well.

"I think the first movie needed to reintroduce all the characters, so we need the human-puppet duo of Gary and Walter to kind of help audience who weren't familiar with the Muppets to learn or relearn who they are," Stoller told MTV News of the sequel back in April. "As of now, I would say Kermit and Piggy are a little bit more at the center, like the original ones."

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