The Best True Movie Rumors of 2012


Movie rumors fly around the internet every single day, but it's the ones that actually do come true that keep us entertaining these online conspiracy theories.

With 2012 being such a big year for superhero movies, the hearsay and scuttlebutt were especially abundant and even more addicting. Who the hell is John Blake? Is Loki really the only bad guy in "Avengers"? The rumors kept coming, and some of them ended up sticking.

These were the best true rumors of 2012.

The Xenomorph Shows Up In "Prometheus"

Ridley Scott's return to genre film making certainly started as a prequel to the sci-fi horror classic. The recently leaked Jon Spaihts draft confirms that much, but when Damon Lindelof came on, everyone got cagey about calling "Prometheus" a prequel. As the release date drew closer and closer, fans of the original wondered what callbacks may appear in the new film, with the iconic xenomorph being the jackpot of all references. When all was said and done, the world got a pretty cut-and-dry explanation for how the titular alien came to be.

Thanos Is In "Avengers"

Enormous props to Latino Review on this one. Nearly a year before the Avengers assembled for the very first time on the big screen, the site flat-out called that Thanos would be the villain behind Loki's schemes. It was never stated how involved the Mad Titan would be in the superhero meet-up, but after the credits rolled on Joss Whedon's masterpiece, it was confirmed for us all.

Eve Is Moneypenny

Early in the casting of the 23rd James Bond adventure, it seemed that EON was looking to bring back some series regulars for "Skyfall" and the 50th anniversary. Ben Whishaw was Q practically from the start, but who else would join the party? We already had an M, but what about Moneypenny? The most logical guess for that role went to the non-descript field agent Eve, played by Naomie Harris, and that's the thing about logical guesses. They tend to be the right ones.

John Blake Is Robin

Variety infamously "confirmed" that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was set to play Alberto Falcone not long after the actor signed on to reteam with his "Inception" director, but most fans chose to believe another theory. How could Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy" end without an appearance by the Boy Wonder? While Robin did eventually reveal himself, he did so in the most Nolan was possible, satisfying pretty much everybody.

Johnny Depp Cameo in "21 Jump Street"

It only made sense, right? But talking one of the world's biggest stars into a cameo appearance couldn't be that easy. Though Depp never tried too hard to keep the cameo under wraps, the filmmakers and stars denied until the opening weekend, when we all finally saw Tom Hanson get back on the force.

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