Emma Watson Dresses Up For New 'Bling Ring' Photos

Bling Ring

By Hannah Soo Park

A few official stills and on-set paparazzi shots are the only glimpses we've been given of Sofia Coppola's fourth directorial effort, "The Bling Ring," since it began filming earlier this year. And today, we're getting a little bit more to buzz about.

French magazine Premiere recently published a few promo snapshots of star Emma Watson's "Bling Ring" character, Nicki, sitting in a teenager's bedroom and scrutinizing her reflection as she wears a (stolen?) black dress. Previous photos from the film feature the whole gang, dressed to the nines in trendy L.A. garb, doing a whole lot of flaunting and strutting. These new images, however, emphasize a more subdued and somber aesthetic, perhaps indicating that the movie may somehow be cut from the same cloth as the teen angst-ridden "Virgin Suicides."

Based on a true story, "The Bling Ring" follows a group of teenagers who, using online celebrity address listing sites and Twitter, notoriously stole up to $3 million worth of goods from the Hollywood Hills homes of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton and Rachel Bilson. Along with its cast of newcomer teen actors, the movie also includes appearances by Leslie Mann, who plays a former Playboy pinup mom, and Coppola's muse, Kirsten Dunst. Hilton and musician Gavin Rossdale are also set to make cameos.

Plot and photos aside, we do have a few other snippets of insight into the film: Not only did Watson take to Twitter to reveal that Nicki loves "lip gloss, purses, yoga, pole dancing, Uggs, Louboutins, juice cleanses, iced coffee and tattoos," but it was also discovered that the first line of the movie is a "knowing quote" from Nicole Richie's Twitter account -- a fitting source of inspiration for the crime caper, which happens to center around the generation that worships celebs' cyber stream of consciousness.

An official release date hasn't been set, but Premiere notes that the movie will hit theaters in June 2013 -- presumably a French and/or European debut, since the movie hasn't been set for US or international distribution.