A Hobbit's Guide To The Holiday Season

Santa Gandalf

If your holiday plans involve journeying to a former mountainous stronghold to reclaim the home and treasure of your dwarvish friends, there are a few particular items that you'll need to pick up before you leave your comfortable hole in the ground.

This is your guide for all of the Middle-earthly gifts you'll need this holiday season!

The Sword

Though it may not be more than an elvin knife (and a prop replica) this blade, called "Sting," should serve you well on your quest. (Sideshow Collectibles, $55.99)


The Ring

This entry of the gift guide comes with a warning. This gold-plated replica looks nice, but if you grow too attached, a change will begin to occur. Namely, your friends might look at you sideways when you call it "my precious." (WB Shop, $129.00)


The Map

Well, you need to know the way, don't you? This map will show you the path to the Lonely Mountain, but make sure you check to see if there are any hidden characters. They could point out the nearest Waffle House. (Weta, $29.99)


The Feet

These "Furry Adventure Slippers" will make for the perfect footwear as you set off on your journey to the Lonely Mountain. They're also good for any hobbit's other favorite activity, lounging. (Think Geek, $19.99)


The Books

Before your grand adventure, you'll want to study up on the greats that came before. This box set of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" should be a good start. (Amazon, $34.65)


The Movies

Once you've got the stories down, revisit Middle-earth with the best way to enjoy the Extended Editions of Peter Jackson's first trilogy. (Amazon, $55.99)


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