Matt Damon Makes A Triumphant Return To The 'Yes/No Show' With John Krasinski

Things on "After Hours" have a way of coming full-circle, and finally the "Yes/No Show" has returned to the always charming, never sarcastic Matt Damon, who appeared on the game's very first segment. This time, however, he's brought along his "Promised Land" co-star John Krasinski.

As is traditional with editions of the "Yes/No Show" featuring Matt Damon, the topic of his collaborators' penises come up in conversation, and naturally, things get a little awkward.

In addition to those enlightening topics, the segment covers such areas of conversation as the true meaning of "Leatherheads," gimps, and peeing in the shower.

Find out all about it in the latest episode of "After Hours"!