Which Movie Scenes Piss You Off?


You know how some scenes just really get to you and make you inexplicably mad? Whether it's a moral choice a character makes and you don't agree with or an old cliche that bugs you every time, there's no getting over these sequences.

Inspired by a recent Reddit thread, we asked some of our writers to voice their opinions and share the scenes that irk them to no end.

Harvey's Miraculous Car Crash in "The Dark Knight"

I believe in Harvey Dent. I don't believe in Harvey Dent being able to shoot the driver of a car he's riding in without getting completely destroyed in the ensuing crash. For a film series so firmly "grounded in reality," that scene (among others) makes absolutely zero effing sense. -Josh Wigler, MTV Splash Page Editor

Nuking the Fridge

If the idea of doing a fourth Indiana Jones weren't enough to dissuade viewers, then the next best course of action would be to have poor 70-year-old Indy hurled hundreds of feet in an old time-y refrigerator after being nuked, and emerge UNSCATHED. He would have at least broken a hip. C'mon, Spielberg, wasn't the whole T-Rex in San Diego thing enough? -Brian Phares, MTV News Producer

Mickey Rooney Is Not Asian

I want to love "Breakfast at Tiffany's," which showcases the best of NYC and Audrey Hepburn (my two favorites). But any scene with Mr. Yunioshi overshadows any redeeming quality—and yes, that includes the adorable cat named Cat. Not only is he an Asian played by a non-Asian, but he's got a nails-on-a-chalkboard voice and terrible "Asian" accent (Mees. Goolightleeeeey!). Let's never do that again, Hollywood. -Hannah Soo Park, Movies Blog Contributor

We'll Never Let Go

My little 13-year-old self might have gone to the theater time after time to see "Titanic," but even then I found one major flaw with the ending of that movie: Why didn't Jack just climb on that piece of wreckage with Rose? I mean, there definitely was enough room for the both of them. Couldn't Kate Winslet have scooted over a bit? Was Leonardo DiCaprio really that afraid of commitment? To this day, nothing about that movie bugs me more than the fact that Jack Dawson died because his lady love was a space hog. -Terri Schwartz, Movies Blog Contributor

Dottie Drops The Ball

Nothing has ever ticked me off in a movie more than in the '92 mostly feel-good lady baseball movie "A League of Their Own" when Dottie (Geena Davis) throws the championship game for the Peaches in favor of letting her super bratty kid sister Kit (Lori Petty) win it all for her team, the Racine Belles. Yes, that was a totally selfless and altruistic thing for Dottie to do—let your sister finally have the spotlight! However, did Kit earn that personal and professional victory? I don't think so. She was annoying and terrible throughout the entire movie. Hold onto that damned ball, Dottie! That's your thing! To this day I cannot watch the entire movie, I always stop watching before the final game. -Kara Warner, MTV News Writer

What scenes piss you off? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!