Disney-Netflix Team Up: What Does This Mean For Marvel And 'Star Wars'?

Star Wars

By Hannah Soo Park

Your Netflix queue might look a little different in four years. And by "different," we mean a little more mainstream and full of your childhood memories.

Netflix and Walt Disney Studios have inked a deal that calls for the studio to launch Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies exclusively on the online streaming site.

Disney would be "replacing a less lucrative pact with Starz," according to The New York Times. The pay channel currently holds the broadcast rights to the studio's movies, but that deal doesn't end until 2016, so we're in for a bit of a wait to see any new Disney films on Netflix.

In light of the new deal, we're also left so speculate about whether Netflix or Starz will take control of the future "Star Wars" films, which fall under the newly acquired LucasFilms. If Disney is aiming for a 2015 release of Episode 7, then that leaves the movie in the hands of Starz. Any release date after the 2016 agreement date will give Netflix rights to stream the film. Aside from "Star Wars," IMDB.com does have a 2016 release year tacked onto the Pixar sequel "Finding Nemo 2"— one more potential box office hits that could fall under Netflix.

For now, we do know that childhood favorites, like "Dumbo," "Alice and Wonderland," and "Pocahontas," will be available to watch instantly starting Tuesday.

Netflix has already made exclusive agreements with DreamWorks Animation and the Weinstein Company, but adding Disney into the mix would be a huge, game-changing addition for both online streaming and television services. Will we be moving away from premium channels like Starz, HBO, and Showtime, in favor of watching movies-on-demand on our computers? These are, after all, movies that we would only have been able to see via pay-TV.

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