Move Over, 'Avatar': 'Skyfall' Is Biggest UK Release Of All Time


"Skyfall" returned James Bond to the basics, and British audiences have loved it. The movie opened huge and has only done better in the UK, and now has become the biggest British release of all time.

MGM and Sony have announced that the movie made £94,277,612 in only 40 days, which is roughly the equivalent of $151,720,961. That number places "Skyfall" at the top of the British all-time box office charts. The previous record holder was "Avatar," which made £94,025,632 during its 11 months in UK cinemas. Not too shabby for 007 considering "Avatar" is the most successful movie of all time.

Overall, "Skyfall" has made $246,712,819 in the United States and $869,712,819 worldwide. It's currently the fourth highest grossing movie of the year, trailing behind "Ice Age: Continental Drift" by only $5 million. "The Avengers" is the most successful film of the year with $1.5 billion, while "The Dark Knight Rises" made $1.08 billion.

"Skyfall" will likely end up taking the third spot on the worldwide box office list, but it remains to be seen whether it has the stuff to pass "The Dark Knight Rises." Still, if you needed any added proof that James Bond has become a superhero, there it is.

“We’re overwhelmed with gratitude to the cinema-going audiences in the UK who have made 'Skyfall' the highest grossing film of all time," producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli said in a statement announcing the success of "Skyfall" in the UK. "We are very proud of this film and thank everybody, especially Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes, who have contributed to its success."

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