'Star Trek Into Darkness' Online Trailer Premiere: We Just Want More

Star Trek

By Hannah Soo Park

It's been a rough couple of months for Trekkies. Director J.J. Abrams has only tossed a few morsels of "Star Trek Into Darkness"—a three-frame "clip," the official summary, and a mysterious poster—to the starved fans, longing for actual material to discuss before the long-awaited sequel hits theaters in May 2013.

Well, agonize no longer, guys. You won't have to wait until December 14 (when the prologue debuts) to see actual footage from "Star Trek Into Darkness," because a new teaser will hit the web exclusively tomorrow. For those of you who are still traumatized by the shortness of the infamous clip that Abrams debuted on "Conan", TrekMovie confirms that this preview will be a whopping 60 seconds long. And if you still don't believe us, leave it to Simon Pegg (who plays Montgomery Scott) to hop onto Twitter and, you know, just casually tweet the biggest trailer news of the week: "Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. Premieres online, this Thursday. Get ready to boldly go again."

Okay, so now that we're done convincing you that things aren't always too good to be true, it's time to sound off on what we'd like to see in the first (real) official look at the film.

More on the wrath of Benedict Cumberbatch's rumored villain

If there's anything we have learned from the film's first official poster, it's that Benedict Cumberbatch's potentially villainous character (who may or may not be Khan) wears a slick black trench and shows no remorse after leaving London in ruins. So naturally, we've decided that he's got to be pretty badass. Well, we want to see more of this so-called "one-man weapon of mass destruction," who Cumberbatch has already described as "iconic" and "exciting." Give us more, trailer. Now.

More on why Spock is standing in an active volcano

Because, really, who does that? But also because we want to see more of the insanely explosive (and also insanely short) clip that left us wanting more. Abrams says we'll have to see the film to really understand why Zachary Quinto's character is wearing that "crazy suit," but maybe an extra glimpse or two in the teaser will let us dissect further.

More on those "bigger" and "bolder" sequences

While no one has said too much about the follow-up, Quinto recently told The Wrap that we can expect the sequel to be "bigger" and "bolder" than the first film. "Star Trek" was pretty darn big and pretty darn bold, so we want to see Quinto's claims backed up in this first big reveal. Whether it's the action sequences or visual proof that the Enterprise has actually grown in size, we really just want more.

More of the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise crew

It's been like, what? Almost three years? We miss these guys! From funnyman Scotty and lovable Chekov to the ambitious duo, Kirk and Spock, it'll be like one big family reunion—one that's ruined by a mean-spirited distant cousin, that is. We're talking about Cumberbatch's villain here, since he's supposedly an "unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization."

More of Spock—the spoof edition

Okay, it's not gonna happen, but we love fake Spock played by real Zachary Quinto. He may take awkward and stiff to a whole other level, but really, it's endearing.