Five Things 'Terminator 5' Should Learn From 'Ghost Protocol'


The upcoming "Terminator" film that producer Megan Ellison has been preparing just got another big name on board: her brother, David Ellison.

Deadline is reporting that the Ellison siblings are aiming to "finish 'The Terminator's humanity vs the Skynet cyborgs storyline with a new series of films,' and David is no stranger to bringing an aging franchise back from the dead. In addition to his involvement in films like "Jack Reacher," "Star Trek Into Darkness" and "G.I. Joe: Retaliation," he's also one of the producers behind "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol."

If David -- who, we consider it worth mentioning is only 29 -- can do for "The Terminator" what "Ghost Protocol" did for the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, we might actually be interested in the upcoming project. Here are a few pointers we have for the Ellisons to help this film go in that direction.

Make It In IMAX

Arguably the best part of "Ghost Protocol" was the fact that it was partially filmed in IMAX. That scene where Tom Cruise scales Burj Khalifa? What would it have been without the vertigo elicited by being shot with the special IMAX cameras? It probably still would have been pretty great, actually, but it definitely benefited from that format.

Don't Shoot It In 3D

At the same time, don't make "Terminator 5" in 3D. Yes, we get it, 3D is getting better. "Life of Pi" is great. "Hugo" was wonderful. "Avatar" is the 3-D classic. But those movies are the exception, not the rule. Focus on making the "Terminator" movie itself worth watching instead of having flashy special effects.

Return To What Made The Original Great

"Come with me if you want to live." This is a phrase that has been brought back again and again in the "Terminator" mythology, but remains forever tied to the first "Terminator" flick. Go back to what made that movie such a classic (and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," for that matter) and stop trying to make the series stand on its own. It worked for "Ghost Protocol," which didn't go the reboot route, and could work for "The Terminator."

Don't Go Gritty

What works for Christopher Nolan doesn't work for everyone. While "Batman Begins" thrived by making Batman gritty, the filmmaking style didn't really work for "Terminator: Salvation." The "Terminator" franchise is definitely dark, but like we said before this, make the new movie true to the original instead of trying to have it copy what is popular nowadays, and it will thrive. Just look at all the colors that were in "Ghost Protocol"!

Bring Back The Big Star

"Ghost Protocol" wouldn't have worked without Tom Cruise, and "Terminator: Salvation" didn't work without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sure, he's an aging action star now, but the "Terminator" is nothing without the Governator. Without him on board, this movie probably isn't worth making.

What would you like to see "Terminator 5" do to make it successful? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter.