Jack Black Promises To Take Down Oscar Competition, Threatens 'Creamy Balls'

Do not cross Jack Black. Those are simple instructions, but if you fail to heed them, you will find yourself with some creamy balls.

All right, let's back up.

At the Gotham Awards earlier this week, MTV News' Josh Horowitz made a crack about one of Jack Black's less successful films, "Gulliver's Travels." The joke was not taken lightly.

"You're a real bastard," Black said. "I know your whole game. I wish I had a cream pie to throw at your balls right now. It makes sense in any context. If I had a pie of cream, I'd shove it in your balls. Does anyone not understand what I'm saying? This guy deserves cream balls stat."

So, a little context might help.

Thankfully, Josh was able to turn the interview around and talk about the Oscar buzz around Black's performance in "Bernie," and when it comes to his competitors, the actor knows how things stand.

"Yeah, those guys are going down," Black said. "What did I ever do to Daniel Day? That's the more important question. Why is he trying to suck up all of my rocket sauce?"

The pair was able to make up, but there was still some lingering resentment by the end of it. "I forgive you," Black said, "but you still got a creamy ball coming up soon."