'Star Wars' Spin-Off Movies Already In The Works?

Boba Fett

In an update to the last big bit of "Star Wars" news, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg, the latest two writers brought onto the new Lucasfilm-Disney Star Destroyer, may not necessarily be writing "Episode" movies for the saga and focus on spin-offs instead.

To some, the news has signified Disney's larger plans for the newly purchased company, which involves pumping out a new film every two or three years. Once "Episodes VII, VIII, and IX" are in the rearview mirror, the studio will need material ready almost immediately.

But before you start screaming "BOBA FETT MOVIE" at the screen, consider that we know essentially nothing about what Kasdan and Kinberg are up to. Even the THR is shaky on the details of their role within the new productions.

What the news does hint at though is a sense that Lucasfilm is taking a leaf from the Marvel Studios book. Assuming that Kinberg and Kasdan are each working on separate movies, both spin-offs, not a part of the new trilogy, we're looking at five new "Star Wars" movies currently in the works.

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