Tim Heidecker Wants To Be A 'Comedy Boy'

By Rya Backer

As any dedicated follower of the hilarious, irreverent, and sometimes gross comedy duo Tim and Eric can attest, a popular refrain while watching their work (be it from their late, great Adult Swim show, "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job!," their work with Funny or Die, and most recently their piece de resistance, "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie") is "Are they serious?".

And in "The Comedy," a decidedly not-so-comedic film directed by Rick Alverson about a thirtysomething Williamsburg resident in the throes of ennui, self-involvement, and lots of money he's set to inherit from his ailing father, fans will likely once again question the work's gravity. The starring role of Swanson is played by none other than Tim Heidecker (his comedy partner, Eric Wareheim, plays one of Swanson's friends).

"He's a bit listless, he's a millionare, this trust fund kid that doesn't have to do work. So life is a bit of a game," explained Heidecker about the dramatic role. But for the funnyman, it turns out that playing such a character was literally the role he was born to play:

"Yes, I am also a milliionare," he declared. "And grew up with more than I could ever need, more than I ever wanted. We have several homes, we're very blessed. And I said to my daddy, I said I want to be Comedy Boy when I grow up and I want to be a clown. And he said 'I will make that happen.' And so he created Adult Swim, he got my partner, Eric Wareheim, and he let me do what I wanted to do. So I appreciate my daddy for letting me be a Comedy Boy."

We'll let you decide how serious that statement was.