Matthew Vaughn Collaborator Suggests 'Star Wars' Gig Is His

Star Wars

Does Jason Flemyng know something we don't about Matthew Vaughn and "Star Wars: Episode VII"?

It certainly seems like he has a different understanding of the rumors surrounding his frequent collaborator and Hollywood's most closely-watched directing gig. At an event for "Seven Psychopaths" in the UK, Vaughn's frequent collaborator spoke about the possibility of reteaming with him for "Episode VII" as if it would most likely happen and the deal was done.

"Me and Matt have done nine films together, so I'm sure I'll get the call for 'Star Wars,' but I'm sure it's going to be [impersonating Vaughn], 'Flemyng, no, Flemyng, I know on paper it doesn't look like much, but I promise you, it's essential to the part.' So we'll see what happens."

Harmless enough, but then when the interviewer asks if Vaughn is interested in the job, Flemyng gets confused.

(via Hey U Guys)

"I think that's—yeah, he's interested, yeah, by the deal," he said with a telling look on his face.

So what is this exactly? It's not quite the confirmation many blogs are making it out to be, but there's a reason Flemyng reacted the way he did. Of the contenders we know of, Vaughn appears to be the most realistic at this point and one of the few that haven't taken their name out of the running. For now, take it with a grain of salt and file this one away into your Matthew Vaughn evidence folder.

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