Marion Cotillard Explains The Katy Perry-'Rust And Bone' Connection

"Rust and Bone," the Cannes entry and the latest film from critically-lauded French director Jacques Audiard, doesn't exactly sound like the kind of movie that would feature a Top 40 hit from Katy Perry on the soundtrack.

The story of how two lost souls find each other after one of them suffers an accident during a killer whale routine at an aquarium doesn't scream "Baby, you're a firework," but the mega-hit pops up a number of times on the soundtrack, including some deeply emotional scenes featuring Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard.

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz spoke with Cotillard while she was doing press for the film, she explained how the pop song ended up in the serious French drama.

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"['Firework'] was not written in the script. That was in the [whale] show, and that fits perfectly with [the scene]. In the song, there's something very emotional and very energetic," Cotillard said. "It's a very interesting song because it's a very big pop song, but at the same time, there is something. It must be the mix of how she sings it and the music, but I was actually very happy that they chose that song out of the show for this special scene on the balcony. "

Although Cotillard says she is a fan of the song, she has yet to meet Perry in person. "I'm really looking forward to it," she said. "I hope I will."

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