'Harry Potter Page To Screen' Book Collection Selling For $1000

Harry Potter

The story of "Harry Potter" might be over, but the era of insanely expensive collectible "Harry Potter" memorabilia is only just beginning.

Meet "Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey," a $1,000 eight volume set that details the Boy Wizard's journey from the -- you guessed it -- page to screen. The entire collection is made to look like it came from Diagon Alley and could happily sit in the Hogwarts library, and it includes items like five frameable pieces of never-before-published art and a really cool replica of the "Monsters Book of Monsters." Of course, there are also actual books that talk about the relationships between the cast and crew and the process of transforming J.K. Rowling's best-selling novels into worldwide blockbuster films.

If you're interested in dropping a grand to make your "Potter" collection even more complete (and yes, we're considering it too) then you're in luck, because Amazon is currently offering a 40 percent off discount for pre-orders of the set. It goes on sale on December 4 and there are only 3,000 copies of the "Page to Screen" collector's edition available, so if you have an extra $600 lying around and are a huge fan of "Harry Potter," it might be worth the investment.


Then again, you might still be saving up for the $500 $345 "Harry Potter Wizard's Collection" Blu-ray boxed set that became available on September 7. That one might not be a limited edition collection, but it does come with a horcrux.

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