'Breaking Dawn' Leads Record-Smashing Thanksgiving

Breaking Dawn


If the box office results are any indication, movie goers like vampires, secret agents, and historically accurate political procedurals with their Thanksgiving turkey. Raking in a total of $206.7 million, this weekend was the single highest-grossing Thanksgiving holiday in history.

Leading the pack once again was "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," which added $43 million to it total. That figure now sits at a handsome $227 million.

Not far behind, James Bond kept his strong hold on the box office with "Skyfall" taking in an additional $36 million, making it the first film in the series to surpass the $200 million mark. "Lincoln," also performed well, bringing in $25 million for a strong third place finish.

The big disappoint of the weekend was DreamWorks' "Rise of the Guardians." The holiday mash-up only took in $24 million, much lower than expected.

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