Jennifer Lawrence Looking To Acquire Bradley Cooper's Serious Actor Skills

Whether she likes it or not, Jennifer Lawrence is quickly developing a reputation for being the most charming and talented young actress working in Hollywood right now. And she's earned that reputation in all the right ways - via her diverse choices in film roles, which in turn have earned her praise from the hard-to-please members of the Academy (see: her Best Actress Oscar nomination in 2011) and the approval from millions of equally critical fans of "The Hunger Games."

Now thanks to the buzz surrounding her latest movie, "The Silver Linings Playbook" the release of which expands in more theaters around the country today, Lawrence's name is once again being tossed around in conversations about the year's best onscreen performances. The best part about all of this is the fact that Lawrence, in addition to being an extremely gifted actress, is so darn likable. She doesn't take herself too seriously at all, even though her co-stars definitely do.

"I don't have that thing yet where I know when to calm down and stop joking around," Lawrence told MTV News recently at the Los Angeles premiere of "Playbook" of her penchant for joking around with co-stars between takes. She went on to say that while she and co-star Bradley Cooper both did their fair share of goofing off, she claims she hasn't yet developed the ability to know when it's time to stop playing and start working.

"He does," Lawrence said of Cooper. "So I out-joke him, but not in a good way."

When we asked Cooper if he tried to help Lawrence acquire his skill, he quickly denied the fact that his leading lady needed any type of instruction.

"No no, everybody is learning from her," he said. "She's got it down. She's incredible."