'Paranormal Activity 5' Gets A Halloween 2013 Release Date

Paranormal Activity 5

The world is going to continue to experience some paranormal activity in 2013.

Paramount Pictures has announced the release date for "Paranormal Activity 5," which will hit theaters on October 25, 2013. No word yet on which actors will return for the film or who will direct it, but Paramount was quick to announce the film around the time "Paranormal Activity 4" hit theaters.

That film has gone on to gross $53.5 million in the United States so far, which seems to have been enough to get Paramount to want another incarnation of the low-budget horror series. So far none of the other movies have done as well as "Paranormal Activity," which made $107 million in the US during its entire run.

There's no guarantee that directing duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will return for "Paranormal Activity 5" after helming numbers "3" and "4," but we hope they do. If they come back, we put together a little wish list of changes that we hope they make to the upcoming fifth "Paranormal Activity" installment: Namely, bring back the fan cam, go bigger with the scares and make sure to expand on the mythology. That's not too much to ask, right?

It's worth noting that a Latino spinoff of the "Paranormal Activity" franchise had been reported at the same time "Paranormal Activity 5" was, though we haven't heard much about it since. That film is supposed to be directed by "Paranormal Activity" sequels scribe Christopher Landon, and due out in spring 2013.

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