'Star Wars: Episode VII': Who's Left To Direct?

Star Wars

"Well, Brad Bird said 'no,' so I guess that leaves Colin Trev—. He's out too!?"

After the latest string of directors decided to take their name out of the running for the "Star Wars: Episode VII," we, probably like the rest of you, were left wondering, "Who the hell is going to make this thing?"

Of the people who have spoken publicly about directing the sequel to the original trilogy, only three have not taken their name out of the running. (Let's disqualify Guillermo Del Toro. The man is busy.) Unless Lucasfilm has someone in mind that hasn't commented—which is very likely—these are the director's still putting themselves out there.

Jon Favreau

This is the man largely responsible for how the Marvel Universe panned out. Without a first entry as strong as Favreau's "Iron Man," we may not have seen the Avengers assemble. With "Star Wars" now under the same roof as Marvel at Disney, Favreau could be considered the inside guy who is a proven franchise starter. Plus, as Splash Page editor Josh Wigler pointed out, he's worked with Harrison Ford before.

Joe Johnston

The director of "Captain America: The First Avenger," who also happens to have a good relationship with Marvel and therefore Disney, has wanted to make a "Star Wars" movie for a while. "Episode VII," however, might not be his cup of tea, since most of his interest has been directed at a possible spin-off for Boba Fett, the character he designed for the original trilogy.

Matthew Vaughn

As the first big rumored director, Vaughn still might have the lead on this one. His frequent collaborator, Mark Millar, explained away Vaughn's quickie departure from the "X-Men: First Class" sequel, saying that "Secret Service" was next, but Mark Millar says a lot of things.

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