EXCLUSIVE: 'Accidents' Music Video From 'Save The Date'

If you like your movies set in the real world, with characters that are realistic and relatable human beings, then "Save the Date" is a movie for you. Directed by relative newcomer Michael Mohan and featuring a slew of very familiar faces and fan favorites (Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, Martin Starr), the story revolves around a group of young people dealing with the real-life pressures and challenges involved with being in long-term relationships, familial and societal expectations and dealing with the wedding industrial complex.

MTV News is very lucky to have an exclusive first look at One AM Radio's "Accidents" music video from the soundtrack, as well as Mohan's thoughts about the making of the film and why everyone can relate to the story.

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"This film is not some crazy high concept comedy, nor is it some dark drama - these are just real people dealing with personal issues that I think a lot of us are feelin," Mohan told MTV News of the sweet spot he wants the movie to hit with audiences. "Our generation is in this weird moment in time where the traditional meaning behind marriage simply doesn't exist because half of us are getting divorced and we know that. So nowadays, we have to re-define what it even means, and it's personal for each and every person, and I'm sure the traditional meaning still holds true for some people but within that, we cannot lose sight of how important it is to allow us to be vulnerable. Because despite how scary that can be, I do believe it's the key to having successful relationships, and it's the key to our own happiness."

Speaking to how "Accidents" came to be featured in the film, Mohan revealed that he and composer Hrishikesh Hirway (the man behind One AM Radio) are real-life friends and in working together on the music for the film decided the emotion of the movie was "Happysad" and needed a song to convey that emotion.

"Accidents is a really great example of this, a love song that talks about all the f----- up circumstances that lead to two people meeting and falling in love," he said. "In the film, it's performed very lovingly by Geoffrey Arend, whose character just had his heart trampled on."

Mohan went on to say that they would have been content to feature the song in the film, but decided to make the music video because of interest from fans.

"After the trailer for 'Save the Date' premiered, a good portion of the comments were about how much people loved the snippet of the song that was used," Mohan recalled. "Prior to this, Hrishi and I had always thought it would be funny to make a throwback-style video where we cut to clips from the movie, especially since the film has a 'Reality Bites' or 'Singles' vibe to it," he said, adding that they got together and shot the video in one afternoon. "The video captures how the song was created, with Hrishikesh playing all of the instruments, literally in his small apartment in Los Feliz."