Robert Pattinson Faces Some 'Ruff Decisions'

We've known for a while that Robert Pattinson is a dog person, so what better way to find out who he really is than by forcing him to pick out which dog is cuter? That's why MTV After Hours is here to ask the tough questions — or in this case, the "Ruff Decisions."

At the end of the day, he chose Obama's pooch over the Queen's but decided that his own dog, Bear, was the cutest of all -- even cuter than Boo!

Like anyone connected with the "Twilight" universe, Bear has some paparazzi pictures of his own, and Pattinson was a fan of the image we used for this edition of "Ruff Decisions."

"What a great picture. So reluctant. Just like, 'What is happening? What is tied around my neck?'" Pattinson said, using a strange impression of his dog.

When asked if he thinks Bear wins the cute game every time, he said, "I've basically let him be wild again. He just does anything." Sounds like it's time to let the other dog person in his life, Kristen Stewart, help get Bear back in line.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" hits theaters this Friday, November 16.

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