Jack Reacher' Director Top Choice For 'Mission: Impossible 5'

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is likely reuniting with a familiar face for the latest "Mission: Impossible" movie: Christopher McQuarrie.

According to new reports, McQuarrie is likely to take on the upcoming "Mission: Impossible 5," but Paramount Pictures is waiting to hire writers for the film before making it official. Deadline has the news, and also comments that this project is in its "early stages."

It sounds like things went the way Paramount and Cruise wanted with the upcoming "Jack Reacher." McQuarrie also wrote and directed that action film, which is due out on December 21.

However, McQuarrie has been more involved in Cruise's career than that. He wrote the Cruise-starring 2008 historical epic "Valkyrie" and also had an uncredited hand in "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol." After "Jack Reacher," McQuarrie also has written the script for "All You Need Is Kill" and "Top Gun 2," though the status of the latter project is currently up in the air.

We'll be interested to see what Paramount, Cruise and McQuarrie see when "Jack Reacher" comes out next month. Hopefully it will be a great first taste of what we can expect from a McQuarrie-directed action film. And who knows, maybe Paramount will end up having him pen "M:I-5" if the writing is good enough.

"Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" was the live action debut of director Brad Bird. Released in 2011, it went on to be a hit with critics and audiences, earning a 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and making $694.7 million worldwide.

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