'House Of Cards' Trailer: Kevin Spacey Takes Down Washington

House of Cards

Welcome to Washington, indeed.

The first trailer for Netflix original series "House of Cards" has premiered on the site, and it looks better than we could have expected. It's only available to Netflix subscribers for the time being, so if you can't watch the trailer, suffice it to say that the David Fincher and Kevin Spacey collaboration is worth the massive deal Netflix made when it greenlight two seasons of this series back in March 2011.

Spacey is at the center of "House of Cards" as politician Francis Underwood who, after being slighted by the new President of the United States, goes on a quest of power-hungry revenge to try to seemingly try to get a place of power within the White House. At his right hand is his wife, played by Robin Wright, while Kate Mara, who completed an impressive stint on "American Horror Story" last year, portrays a Washington Herald reporter willing to sacrifice her ethics to get the inside scoop from Underwood .

The series makes its debut on Netflix on February 1, and it looks like it will mark a high bar for Netflix-produced programming. It only helps that Fincher directed the first two episodes, as the trailer for the series looks stunning. Hopefully the entire series looks as great as our first look does, because that quality of this production bodes very well for the Netflix-produced "Arrested Development" season four. Sorry, we have something of a one-track mind for that series.

What did you think of the "House of Cards" trailer? Would this be enough to get you to sign up for a Netflix subscription? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!