'Movie 43' Poster Launches The Raunch In Dailies

Movie 43

"Movie 43" has a two things. Lots of celebrities and lots of crude humor. This is the poster for that movie.

Also, you get not one but two "Red Dawn" videos to watch in today's Dailies!

» "Red Dawn" gets a patriotic trailer. [MSN]

» ...and a featurette about the ladies. [YouTube]

» Cameron Diaz looks weird in this "Gambit" poster. [Sky Movies]

» A "My Little Pony"-"Lord of the Rings" mash-up...if you're into that kind of thing. [The One Ring.net]

» Sam Jackson really wants people to hate his "Django Unchained" character. [The Playlist]

» Sean Penn's becoming an action star. [THR]

» Trailer for "Europa Report" [Collider]

» "Movie 43" Poster

Movie 43

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