George Clooney Considers Brad Bird's '1952'


Now that we know Brad Bird's planned "1952" isn't just a codename for "Star Wars: Episode VII," it's time to resume wondering just what the movie is about. We learned back in October that the mysterious science fiction product is something along the lines of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and could be about an alien invasion, but not much more than that.

Well, we still don't know much more than that, but we know that one big name could be involved. Variety is reporting that George Clooney is negotiating to star in "1952," though it's unclear who exactly he'll play. The trade reports that the film is about "a man who makes contact with aliens on Earth."

Variety also writes that Disney sees "1952" as "a high-profile tentpole," which could explain why Clooney is involved. The actor has already gone to space in Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity," so a movie like "1952" definitely seems up his alley.

Whatever the plan, "1952" likely won't take place until after Clooney is done starring in and directing "The Monuments Men." It had previously been reported that Disney wants to get "1952" into production in 2013, so it likely would happen in the latter half of the year. That gives the Mouse House plenty of time to gear up for its planned viral campaign, which allegedly will involve a scavenger hunt to give fans clues about the movie's alien storyline.

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